Tecnoindustrie is about constantly pushing technology evolution, powerful, versatile urban waste collection vehicles with excellent handling whose power and versatility have one single goal: to improve the quality of service and work safety.


1996 – High-end expertise

Tecnoindustrie – specialising in the design and manufacture of single-operator Tecno vehicles for waste collection and transport – joins the Merlo Group. This business has grown over the years with excellent technological achievements, as is evidenced today by the broad product range that has expanded over time as the company grew.


2000 – Small-size vehicles enter the stage

The new Stipo, the first collection vehicle with tank and compaction system, is a milestone in the company’s history as small collection systems started attracting fresh interest


2001 – Urbis, the first satellite vehicle, is born

The dynamic attitude that characterised the beginnings of the business is best reflected in the research and development of new products to complement the large automated side-loading compactors. This was the beginning of an exciting phase of production and sales growth that centred around a new class of multi-purpose machines: satellite vehicles. Right from the start, the solid design and construction choices were met with market success and the Urbis range soon became the benchmark in a growing market. An innovative machine offers unrivalled versatility and handling.


2002 – Zenit, the first single-blade Tecno compactor

It is a collection and transport system with a swinging single-blade compaction system. This new category of machines places great emphasis on the technical choices that are the hallmark of Tecnoindustrie technology: computerised management of machine safety and operating parameters, space-saving bin tipper, remote control systems for key functions.


2003 – Range of satellite vehicles expanded

The small Urbis vehicles were complemented by two additional families of excellent-handling machines, both with the capability of delivering waste to larger compactors: the Azimut and Hornet machines. The first satellite vehicle with a capacity of 10 cubic metres is also built. The new plant in San Rocco di Bernezzo, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with a roofed area of over 22 thousand square metres, starts operations.


2005 – Sintesi, the new automated collection system

The presentation of the new Sintesi range is yet more evidence of Tecnoindustrie’s leadership in research and innovation.


2006 – The 36 cubic metre limit is exceeded

The new Zenit 36 premières the large capacity range for new, more demanding collection and transport applications.


2007 – The company keeps growing

The expansion of the distribution and service network in Italy and Europe and continued investment in research and development bear witness to the company’s commitment to growing in an increasingly competitive international scenario.


2009 – Earning a place among leading national players

Bidding in tenders of national importance and negotiating with leading customers, Tecnoindustrie Merlo S.p.A. has achieved sales goals that earned it a place among leading national players.


2012 – The BVO is born

The BVO is born, a double-tank machine designed to meet the needs of doorstep waste collection schemes, and to perform collection service in particular urban scenarios with different types of waste.


2017 – Work with large public utilities begins

The presence and relationship with major public utilities of key administrations throughout Italy is consolidated and strengthened, and at the same time, a widespread network is developed to cover the entire territory.


2019 – The plant doubles in size

The development experienced during recent years validated the company’s growth strategy, and led to the completion of the expansion of the San Rocco di Bernezzo production site near Cuneo in 2019, which is a pre-condition for achieving future objectives.

The current production site has a roofed surface area of 15,000 square metres and 20,000 square metres of outdoor space.