Choosing a Tecno Industrie vehicle means discovering, day after day, one of the safest and most comfortable machines from which you can expect top performance in terms of reliability, quality, profitability and safety, because Tecno Industrie has been a benchmark at international level for years.

Our commitment to maintaining a close relationship with our customers is reflected in our after-sales service and spare parts management, the training and refresher courses for our staff, and in our long-standing relationship with our distributors and dealers.

No one has a better insight into the needs and expectations of the operators of the urban sanitation sector and in particular of those engaged in waste collection and transport. Our customers are well aware of this. They know that they can rely on our highly qualified technical staff wherever a Tecno Industrie machine is in service.

Tecno Industrie vehicles are used under the most demanding conditions and enjoy an excellent reputation for their reliability.

Our Parts Department maintains a stock with thousands of SKUs to ensure their long-term efficiency.

The organisation is structured to best meet customers’ needs in terms of timely response and efficiency with the added guarantee of original Tecno Industrie products.

This is the peace of mind that adds value to the service and that only the experience and technology of a leading company can offer.


Techno Parts and Service
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